Quick Trick: How to Enable “No to All”

Sometimes when you are copying or moving files or folders, your Windows XP gives you only four options Yes, Yes to All, No, and Cancel. But what if you have hundreds of files to move, it would take a lifetime clicking the No button. Don’t you just wish you have the fifth option which is No to All? well, here ... Read More »

The Difference Between Onsite and Offsite Storage

Onsite storage is a perodical or progressive storing of your critical data on local storage such as hard disks, dvds or CDs.  While offsite storage is the  storing of data on a remote server that is usually connected through internet. Although both methods are useful and can be used for the same purpose, but their vital differences matters in deciding ... Read More »

How to Fix Windows Security Reporting Antivirus Programs

My friend recently uninstalled his two previous antivirus (McAfee and Norton). He said that after he completely uninstalled both AV’s, His Windows Security Center still reported that those programs are still installed on his machine. What I did first was to check if there is anything running on the background but could not find any traces of any of the ... Read More »

How To Show Alexa Ranking in Firefox

Most people say that the quality of Alexa ranking is somewhat useless. For me Alexa  is still somewhat useful, it allows me get a rough idea on how much traffic a certain site gets. Alexa is also preferred by advertisers so I usually watch my Alexa. As you also can see this site is  ranking poorly compared to other computer ... Read More »

How To Change Your Computer Name in Vista

My friend just bought a HP desktop pre-installed with Windows Vista operating system. He ask me if he can change his annoying computer name from “Owner2009” and change it into a more descriptive and personalize like “slavezero” for example. I named my desktop “sLaVeZeRo” and  other units workstations. Changing names in XP is very easy, but in Vista it is ... Read More »

How To Run Multiple GTalk

Some people have multiple Google Talk id’s for whatever reason. I myself has 3 Gtalk accounts, one for friends, clients and the other for testing purposes. But of course we cannot open all our accounts simultaneously. Some people do login their Gmail accounts different browser to be able to use their Gtalk all at once, but that certainly is a ... Read More »

How To Remove Pretty Park Worm

A pretty worm at the park 😀 This worm is not pretty as it’s sounded. This is a email worm like Happy99.exe. Pretty Park Worm is also known as prettypark.exe, files32.exe, or prettyorg.exe. The Windows system can get easily affected to this worm. Once pretty park is up and running it will try to automatically email itself every 30 minutes ... Read More »

Bid At Your Own Risk

If you are fond of shopping and internet, then most probably you know the site Ebay. Ebay is actually the most popular marketplace on the internet. It is a place where both used and new can be found. It is a place where you can go shopping without even going to malls and department stores. Launched in 1995, ebay already ... Read More »

How To Easily Remove Duplicate Files

One of most most boring and most of the time annoying task in cleaning your computer is finding and removing all duplicate files. Today I will share to you a free but power tool that will help you locate and remove all those unecessary duplicate files on your computer that just takes up on your hard disk valuable space. I ... Read More »

How to Fix “Internet Explorer cannot download filename from this particular webserver”

A client came to my shop asking why he can’t download any files on his computer using Internet Explorer. I check his computer and his browser, all web pages loaded fine, I can even check mails, I can pretty much do everything online. However, when I try to download a file I received a message stating “Internet Explorer cannot download ... Read More »