8mm Vintage Camera – App Review and a Story behind it

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You may have heard that part of the Oscar-nominated small “Searching for Sugar Man” was shot on a smart phone, but do you know the full story? What we didn’t hear about was the story of why it got shot on a Smartphone – The films production company filmed almost all of the film in an 8mm format but got ... Read More »

Is Windows 8 For Everyone?

Now that Windows 8 is here, and everyone is going gaga over it, how are you getting on? Are you ready to jump on the bandwagon? Surely, Microsoft did a great job with Windows 8 because of its amazing features, but just like with any other innovation, the question that keeps the tide under control is this: Is Windows 8 ... Read More »

How to Use Xbox Music on Windows 8

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Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft has been doing the rounds in the technology markets around the world. Launched in October 2012, Windows 8 caters to the booming touch-friendly device market, especially desktops, laptops and high-end tablets & hybrids. Incorporating advanced technologies like NFC, USB 3.0, cloud computing and ARM-based architectures, the revolutionary operating system has it all to serve ... Read More »

Which is the best CMS for your new website?

When building a website, there are endless options in regards to the platform that you design the site with. CMS stands for content management system. Virtually all websites are designed with some sort of content management system. There are three leading CMS’s — WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, but which is the best start ... Read More »

Should You Upgrade To Windows 8?

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Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest and arguably greatest operating system (OS). The software giant went in a radically new direction with its software and designed a truly unique platform. However, some Windows fans don’t seem to be ready to make the jump. Avast, a digital security firm, found in a survey that 70 percent of respondents said they were planning ... Read More »

Benefits of Choosing a Free Hosting Company

When you first thing of web hosting you probably start to cringe at the thought of a monthly cost just so you can have a web site or blog of your own. Many of us feel the same way, but there is a much better solution out there for the average web site user. Instead of having to pay for ... Read More »

How To Pick A Cross Docking System

Cross docking system is a logistic technique that enables the materials or supplies loaded in heavy transportation vehicles to be unloaded and then directly loaded to other vehicles and transportation without any or little storage in between. This can be done for a lot of reasons as the supply chain experts would know. Maybe the routing to different destination demands ... Read More »

5 Top iPhone Accessories That Add To The Value Of Your Handset

This is a century where you wake up to a new invention and the communication industry is an example of a sector where technology has picked up greatly. Mobile phones are now the taste of many. The first phones to be produced were big in size and heavy to carry around. They had simple programs you could only use for ... Read More »

Should You Go with a Free Web Hosting Provider?

If you are going to run a web site or blog, then you are going to need to have some form of web hosting. There are literally thousands of hosts out there for you to choose from. Some of the most well known hosting companies are brands like HostGator, GoDaddy and 1&1 hosting. The problem with these services is that ... Read More »

Saving Money By Opting For The Right Printer For Your Unique Printing Undertakings

If you frequently print from the internet, then you know there isn’t a charge from the websites for the task or the printouts. In reality however, printouts of any sort costs money. The printing paper as well as the ink cartridge contributes greatly to the said printing costs. For example, don’t get surprised to find a set of black and ... Read More »