Take Advantage of your Windows Shortcuts

Do you always use your mouse to launch a favorite program or accessing other programs functions? are you tired of doing it all the time? With the help of your keyboard, you can reduce a series of mouse clicks to a single keyboard shortcut, and – if you own a Microsoft keyboard – you’ll also be able to browse the ... Read More »

FREE Blog Backup

Are you a blogger? then you know that losing your posts is the ultimate tragedy for a blogger, especially when you dedicate your whole life to your blog, all that hard work and effort gone to waste and it hurts a lot more if you are earning through your blog. Here is a FREE online backup service that will save ... Read More »

How to disable PC speaker beeping on errors

Do you get annoyed by the beeps and noises that comes from your PC speaker when your PC encounters an error but can’t find a way to turn it off?, then here are the easy steps to disable it. first step, Open your registry and find the key below. second step, Create a new string value, or modify the existing ... Read More »

Parts of a PC and its description

Did you ever get some computer problem that you can’t solve it yourself and have to contact a pc technician? Then after listening to all his explanation, you feel that you’ve been hit by a flying saucer and doesn’t understand  any word he’ve said. Don’t panic… you don’t need to see a doctor… maybe the technician just forget that you  ... Read More »

ZERO Spam E-mail account

Do you want to eliminate those annoying junk mail once and for all? All of us hate SPAM on our e-mail, no matter what preventive measures we do spam mails keeps coming back to our email account. But I found a free e-mail service that can really solve our spam problems on our e-mail inbox. What I’m talking about is ... Read More »

Meet the newest defragging software

You might think and say that I’m just gonna review and recommend another usual type of defragging software, but guess what I’m gonna introduce a new different type of defragging software. But before I continue to describe this fascinating software let me first explain what is Defragmentation and how it can help optimize your computer’s performance and reliability. Defragmentation is ... Read More »

CCleaner – A Software That Can Really Clean Craps On Your Computer

Finding the right tools to effectively clean unwanted and unnecessary files on your computer is  hard and can sometimes frustrating. There are lots of software out there that claims to be the best PC cleaner but most of the time they do is clean your pocket. When I look and test a cleaner I always checked on how effective it ... Read More »

How To Choose The Right Printer

Printers are no different from computers and other technology. Like other technologies they also evolved almost everyday into something bigger and better. Newer versions and models are coming out. There are lots of options available to choose from and that is becoming a problem for it becomes extremely hard to determine the right printer for you and exactly what you ... Read More »

How to run incompatible programs in Vista

The problem that we always have to face when we upgrade our operating system is the incompatibility of some programs especially old programs running on the new system. Just like in Windows XP when it’s first release, there are  lots of applications that are incompatible with the new system. The problem is still the same in Vista, there are still ... Read More »

How to Remove and Add Right-Click Menu Items from Files and Folders

Do you sometimes wonder how you can be able to remove or even add a item on right click menu? well… this is your lucky day you will be able to do that by following my simple guide below without breaking a sweat. Like I always said BACKUP your registry first before you do anything on your registry.

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