Dust Can Slow Down Your PC

Do you know that dusts are also one of the causes of PC slowdowns?. Dust can also cause more damage than just slowing down your PC. Dust can cause overheating of the electric components of your PC. When there is too much dust inside your PC, the components gets too hot easily that can lead to burn components or your ... Read More »

How to fix “Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt”

A corrupt registry is the usual headache for most of my clients. The registry is a vital part of your Windows Operating system, it is what we call the central room. It stores all the informations on your PC, so a small error can cause big problems. Yesterday I’ve been called to repair a clients PC because his PC receives ... Read More »

How to automatically save tabs in Firefox

No doubt Firefox is the leading browser today, 47% of my blogs visitors came from Firefox and only about 20% came from Internet Explorer. Personally What I like about Firefox is the ability to tweak its settings and there lots of Themes, Plugins and extensions available that you can add to spice up your Firefox browser. When I browse I ... Read More »

How to Disable Windows Vista Balloon Notifications

Some of the Vista users finds the popup notification balloons very annoying, some finds it unuseful. and a waste of time but there are ways to turn this feature off. You can disable Vista balloon notification by editing your system registry. Before you do you anything with your registry I strongly advised that you first create a backup of your ... Read More »

How to Disable Windows XP Balloon Notifications

Disabling the balloon notification is different from vista home basic and premium. In Windows XP you don't have to edit your registry settings you can simply turn this off by using Group Policy editor. This is a more safer and easy way than editing your registry. Here are the steps to successfully the feature off.

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Poor performance?… It’s time to upgrade your Computer

Have you been dealing with poor performance and lots of crashes with your computer? well may be its time for an upgrade. Do not expect your old PC to run new programs or games with high requirements to run smoothly.

If you are considering to buy a new set of computer and if you have a budget, you can buy brand new high spec computer. It is always advisable to buy a brand new computer instead of buying a used computer, one reason is that brand new computers always comes with a warranty period it means that if one of your computer parts fails within that period you can just bring it to your seller and they will replace it with a new one.

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The Dangers of Instant Messaging

Almost everyone of us knows that technology made it to the point wherein its available for all. From a simple student up to the CEO of a well known company, both experienced the wonders of technology But just like any other thing, when there is good, there is bad. So when things seems to be so good, then expect the worse from it... Believe it or not, even the popular instant messaging services are now also vulnerable to any viruses, scammers and other attacks.

Since almost all of us has access to the internet, then be ready to have all sort of different viruses be your guest whether in your office or your home now that the popular form of communication is being used by virus writers to spread electronic worms and viruses.

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Protecting your account – Choosing the best Password

The Internet has really come a long way and it changed the ways things are done. Transactions such as payments for purchases, banking, transferring of files and other documents, and checking for messages  are done online. As the internet technology advances so are the number of thieves adopting to the newest technology and developing their techniques to crack down sensitive ... Read More »

How to fix “Windows cannot connect to the printer. Access is denied” in windows vista

An overseas friend mailed me and he said that he just recently upgraded his computers and installed Windows Vista. But just when he thought that everything is OK an error appeared when he tries to connect to a shared network printer. The error he received was "Windows cannot connect to the printer. Access is denied". He can't seems to understand why he received that error because everything else on the network appears to be working properly, shared files, internet access, etc. However, he just cannot access the shared printer and print.

I told him that the best solution is to add a printer as a local printer and then try to print again. I gave him the following instructions and it worked for him with no any other problem. If you also experienced the same problem you can my guide to be able to connect to your printer.

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XP Antivirus 2008 – A antivirus or a virus?

When we surf all of us have one thing in common it is the concern for our safety while we surf. I guess most of us experience being attacked my malicious programs such as spywares, malwares and other members of their family. Some people are very unlucky being a victim of those destructive programs, some of them have experienced losing ... Read More »