How to increase your smartbro internet connection speed

After I posted about on “How to get SmartBRO Canopy IP Address” some people asked on how they can increase their Smartbro speed connection (smartbro is only available in the Philippines). Well here is a guide on how you can increase your internet browsing speed. This guide worked for me when I’m still a Smartbro subscriber (I switch now to ... Read More »

How to remove TAGA LIPA ARE! Virus

I post this topic before on my blogger blog and got many happy responses saying how this article help them easily remove this annoying virus but unfortunately without any reason my blog got deleted together with my Gmail account, I ask for support but never received a response, after weeks of contacting them I decided to move on and create ... Read More »

Great Tips in buying a PC

Before buying a computer, choose the one that best suits your needs. Here are great computer buying tips which will surely help you a lot in choosing computers according to your needs. If you will buy a computer for personal and office use, choose the cheaper computers. You need not spend much in computers for your office and/or personal use. ... Read More »

How to Remove MSBLAST.exe worm virus

While you are conveniently surfing suddenly a message appearstating that your PC will automaticallyturn off after a few seconds. Most of the people panic when they experience this kind of attack but this is cause by a virus namedMSBLAST.EXE. ButWhat is the MSBLAST.EXE worm, msblast.exe is also known as Blaster.A, LoveSan or Msblast.A. This worm infects computers via network connections. ... Read More »

Restore your desktop icons arrangement

Do you share your PC at home? Do you feel like sitting beside your computer 24/7 every time someone uses your PC? Why? Because your fellow user has a habit of changing your desktop setup… and worse leaving it full of thrash?.

Worst, when your self-ordered computer will rearrange these icons with no particular reason. You have tried

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How to get SmartBRO Canopy IP Address

If you’ve been wondering if you can access and tweak you Smartbro Canopy to change its settings or fix your connection, then you’re reading the right article. One of the better ways to do it is by knowing your canopy’s IP address. If you don’t know how to do it, then follow these step. Remember that every new smartbro subscriber ... Read More »

How to Remove JAY.EXE and MVEO.EXE Virus

Viruses are everywhere if you were unlucky and unprotected you will be one of it's victims. Jay.exe virus infects internal and removable drives. Unfortunately some of the antivirus available aren't good enough to remove this virus but manually removing this pest can do the trick. Here's how you should do it.

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How to Remove Happy99.exe (ska)

This type of worm are attached to newsgroups and e-mail messages as attachments and are usually known as Happy99.exe. Fortunately you will not get infected by this malicious program just by reading a mail. Just like any other virus this program needs to be executed to be able to infect your PC or spreads itself.  If you notice this on ... Read More »

How to enable missing Hibernate on Windows Vista

My friend bought a brand new PC and installed it with Microsoft Vista. When he used his new PC with it’s new operating system he is surprised that the Hibernate option that he always use when he still uses Windows XP is missing. I’ve explained to him that when you switch to using Vista you may experience the Hibernate option ... Read More »

How to configure Zyxel P-600 series with PLDT MyDSL

This guide will help you configure your zyxel router to enable its routing capabilities so you can be able to share the internet connection without using a router. There is no need to follow this guide if you have a separate router like linksys, dlink, edimax, tplink, etc. all configuration should be done on your router, leave your modem alone... default modem settings is bridge mode. Although you can follow this Read More »