Awesome New Change in Windows 8

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WINDOWS 8, latest Windows by Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. But somehow for the last couple of months, people don’t seem to be talking about it they are mostly talking about mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. However Windows still accounts for over 65% market share when you compare it to other operating ... Read More »

Reducing The Error Rate In Your Circuit Boards

There are many times when tech enthusiasts will need to make their own electronic PCB board for one reason or another. Of course, there are times when it may be cheaper to make one on your own rather than use the services of another company, especially if it’s not very complex. However, the fact that having a professional do the ... Read More »

4 Computer Personalization Tips That You Probably Do Not Know

Almost every computer user out there knows a thing or two about computer personalization. There are so many ways to personalize one’s computer. Probably the most popular way to personalize a computer is to change the desktop background. Any person can change the default computer background to a landscape wallpaper if he wants to. Another way to personalize the computer ... Read More »

How to check whether an e-mail id is valid or not

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With the development of technology, advanced modes of communication are into being. The largest network, Internet is growing day by day and each and every one has an e-mail id themselves. It is important to have one as today communications are mostly based on e-mail. Ok. You wanted to get your friend or someone via e-mail. You got an address, ... Read More »

Issues with Cloud Computing and Online Security

Like a thief in the night, cloud computing has crept in and changed the way we interact as human beings. Ok, maybe “a thief in the night” is a bit dramatic… But in just a few short years, most of what we do online relies on cloud computing in some form. From Youtube to social networking, web-based email and map ... Read More »

10 Affordable and Handy Alternatives to Costly Software

Every cent matters when you have the budget of a college student, a freelancer just starting over or a parent who needs to pay for all the house bills. To equip your computer with enterprise software means inherently spending thousands of bucks on licenses. Fortunately, brand is not everything in the computer world, and there are tens of great applications ... Read More »

How To Easily Take and Save Screenshots on Windows 8

pctechnotes windows 8 screenshot

Did you know that you can instantly take and save screenshot on your computer with a simple hotkey combination? sounds impossible right? not if your using Windows 8, Windows 8 has a new Windows key combination that will help you do that.  In previous version of Windows in order to take and save a screenshot you need to first push ... Read More »

6 Tools That Can Transform Your Image Into A Cool ASCII Art

pctechnote ascii image

Want to transform your picture into a cool ASCII Art? ASCII Art is a way of transforming your images into a cool art using ASCII characters. You can use any text editor to create ASCII  images but turning any image using ASCII characters takes forever if done manually luckily I have here a set of web utilities that will help ... Read More »

High Quality iPhone 5 Wallpapers

Nowadays, smartphones like iphone5 are not just a phone, they work more than that. The style, functions and features are unlimited and keep on improving from time to time including the looks. I have here a collection of high quality iPhone 5 wallpapers from different sources that can match your personality and mood. Read More »

How To Make A Personal Name Badge For Your iPhone 5

iphone 5 custom badge

I was browsing around the web and checking for a cool iPhone wallpaper when I stumble into this very cool tool that will allow you to create your own personal name badge that you can use as wallpaper on your lock screen. Follow this link iPhone 5 Custom Badge and start creating your own personal badge. Read More »