Using Proper Netiquette while on Usenet

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Usenet permits a community of people to share information and discuss various topic through threads in newsgroups. Nearly every topic imaginable has a place within this sprawling network. New users will have the best experience if they take the time to understand how Usenet works. One important factor is using the proper “netiquette.” Netiquette, on Usenet, means behaving in a ... Read More »

Windows 8 Redefines Everything

windows 8 logo

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Microsoft has really stepped up to the plate with Windows 8. Windows 8 redefines everything you know about windows changing everything from input (going from traditional mouse and keyboard to touch screen) to look and layout. Microsoft has allowed Apple and Google to control the touch market, but now with the redesigned Windows 8 Microsoft plans to take some of ... Read More »

How To Enable Delete Confirmation Dialog Box In Windows 8

windows 8 delete confirmation dialog

In Windows 8, when you delete a file, it will automatically go into Recycle Bin without asking for confirmation. Its not a mandatory, but a default feature of Windows 8. Microsoft learned based on their research that most users click “Yes” so they have removed the extra step of confirming. While this may be useful, some people think that the ... Read More »

Digital Reading: Wattpad eBook Reader vs. Marvel Comics – Comparison

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A smartphone is not just a phone — it is a whole new world, a world where you are the valued customer, apps are like skyscrapers and the internet is the building block. This is a world where the sky is the limit. Business, finance, education, games, lifestyle, healthcare, music, news, photography, sports, travel, weather; you name it and an ... Read More »

How To Bring Back The Start Menu In Windows 8

Microsoft released the latest version of Windows–the Windows 8. Many of us are curious with how Windows 8 works and how it differs with the previous versions. If you have just upgraded to Windows 8, I’m pretty sure you will feel strange with the new look.  One of the first thing that you will notice is that the Start menu ... Read More »

10 Best Tips for Graphic Programs

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Graphic programs and software are widely used in designing the blogs, websites, posters, banners, logos and greeting cards. But the selection in the crowd really becomes very sophisticated and typical when you face thousands of graphic programs in the market. You should choose one of the best and most appropriate graphic programs that can be compatible and serve your intended ... Read More »

How To Use Selective Startup

windows 7 msconfig

Do you ever feel bad that whenever you restart your PC or laptop, it takes a while for all the programs to load? Do you also notice that some programs load during the start-up even if you are not prompting it to? Do you notice unneeded programs running in the background? All of these Startup programs contribute in slowing down your ... Read More »

How To Save XBOX 360 Game Progress Offline

xbox 360 kinect id setup

We recently purchased XBOX 360 with Kinect just a few weeks ago. To my dismay, I cannot save my progress to some of my games without going online. For some it works fine, but for games like Disney Adventure (No I’m not playing this. This game is for my kids ), Rise of Nightmares, and Your Shape Fitness Evolved (Again, ... Read More »

How To Easily Remove Yahoo Redirect Virus

You are doing some searches using Yahoo, but after you click one of the links in the yahoo search result, you were redirected to advertising related malicious page.  Same result happens when you click other links. If you’ve been experiencing this problem, you’re a certified victim of Yahoo redirect Virus. Don’t worry its not only Yahoo, even Google has this ... Read More »

How To Reopen Closed Browser Tab

Did you accidentally closed a browser tab you’re still using and want to reopen it? Do you want to reopen several tabs you closed either intentional or unintentional? It is possible and there are 2 ways to do it: 1. This works on major browsers like Firefox, IE, and Chrome. Just point your cursor to any open tab left. Right ... Read More »