PCRemiX – Back from the Grave! Part 2

backLast April my site has been brought down to exactly 4 days due to hosting issues. Now my site faced another battle  but with a different opponent. Someone hacked PCRemiX! but unfortunately for him/her my precious blog was brought to life again.

For the past few months, I’ve been super busy with my work. I didn’t notice that my site was down for 2 1/2 days. Early this afternoon, when I check my traffic counter, I noticed that I have no traffic since Wednesday; that made me think. I know I update my blog a little less than before but I’m pretty sure that I still have lots of daily traffic.

So with a frown face, I started checking everything, First, I checked the database name on my wp-config file and see if there some erroneous changes. When I found no error, next I checked the username and password. There I saw the problem, my username and password have changed. I kept thinking if I did any changes but I can’t recall anything. So with a haunch of being hacked, I immediately change the username and password on my SQL database.

I thought everything was fine as I already access my account. But I was surprised to find out that my site, PCRemiX already has different content, contents that I didn’t know where it came from. Luckily for me I have a full backup of my site and I restore full back up of database and files that took almost half of the day. Finally, my site was up again.

After this incident I quickly changed my wordpress and hosting password and perform another full site backup again. Hopefully this will be the last, but even if this happen again I know that I’m prepared. Happy that my site is back online again.

As I always say no one is safe from those kind of people or any tragedy that might happen to your blog. The best way to protect and prevent those things from happening is to make sure that your blog are secure. Backup, Backup and Backup!