PCRemiX – Back from the Grave!

pcremix-back-from-graveAs you have all notice my site has been suspended and down for 4 days, according to my host it is because of high resources primarily the CPU and RAM usage, they said that my site has gone past their limit on the allotted resources on every account. This type of problem is very common to webmasters with websites hosted on a shared environment. This is also the reason why shared hosting is very cheap because hundreds of sites are sharing on a single server resources. Shared hosting is only recommended for people who are just starting out on their website or blog. but if you are serious about making a business with your site you should consider a high hosting plan.

To resolve the issue my host advices me to switch to their VPS plan which I decline because I’m not ready for that kind hosting plan. I told them that I will first work it out to lower my usage and they agree and they un suspend my account.  The first thing I did was I removed some plugins and modify my template codes. They will still monitor my account activity to see if it really lowers my usage. I just hope that it did lowers my usage so I don’t have to switch to a much more bigger and expensive plan like a grid service, VPS or a dedicated server.

To all people who are also experiencing problems like this, Here are some factors that causes high usage of resources and tips to solve and possibly lowers your usage.

– your scripts are not upgraded: you may have not upgraded your scripts yet, as older versions of the scripts can have bugs in them that would cause high CPU and Memory usage.

– your scripts are configured incorrectly: you might need to check your scripts` configuration for any tweaks of settings available that might influence the usage, as a single wrong setting might do a whole lot of harm.

– your plugins are misbehaving: some plugins might cause high load because they were badly written. You might consider disabling them or finding alternatives for some plugins.

– bots are flooding your site: your pages might have been found by spam bots that try continuously to send messages via your contact form, or add various comments to your items and such, depending on your site’s configuration. An implementation of a CAPTCHA system would be useful to keep bots out of your pages, while checking for the highly accessed webpages using the tools provided by CPanel.

– you might need caching: a caching plugin will help in most cases as it will serve pre-generated html pages instead of using the resource intensive PHP scripts to generate the same page over and over again for different visitors of the site.