PCRemiX Beats Google and Yahoo on the #1 spot on Alexa

Yes you read it right, there is a new number 1 Site. PCRemiX now takes over Google and Yahoo. Pcremix is now the new #1 site according to Alexa 😀

While I was checking my site stats and keywords the other day I notice that my ranking on Alexa is at full-bar on Google page which means I rank #1, taking over big boys like Google and Yahoo. Look at the screenshots below:

pcremix1 pcremix-2pcremix-3

I hope this is true 😀 … I guess most of us webmasters and bloggers dream of this, being number 1. Landing on the top 100 on Alexa is enough to give you popularity and big bucks online. What more if you land on top 10 ranking,  imagine how it will super boost your popularity all over the world and of course just imagine how much money it will bring in to your pocket.

Actually, my blog only ranks 96,000 on Alexa. The above screenshot are not Photoshop edited they are real shots from my Google page. I don’t know if it’s a glitch on Google page or a bug on Alexa making all sites rank #1 that day.

Well anyway, I’m just happy to share my dream 😀