Planning to buy used computer?

confused1I myself is a member of different auction sites. Instead of buying brand new, I also consider buying second hand products, which is much cheaper than brand new. And one thing more, after a couple of months, new edition will be out in the market and for sure today’s edition priced will be reduce by half. Beating the latest is not my cup of tea.

So if you are like me and planning to purchase second hand products then let me give you some hint. Let’s say you want to buy a second hand computer. When doing so, there is a high risk of purchasing a stolen computer, which can be passed off as a used computer. The tendency to purchase a stolen computer is high when it is sold from third party computer dealers like the computer dealers online or from a theft store or from a pawnbroker who has no idea about the history of the computer he is selling.

There are safety measure to avoid buying stolen computer. One of the safe measures is to check if the vendor accepts credit card or check payment if the seller insist to pay it cash then there is a possibility that the computer is a stolen one. Check also if the prices is sold at very low price. If you know the computer market then you will easily find out if the PC that are to buy is genuine kind or not.

The place of the purchasing a computer can also be great factor. if you are reputed dealer of computer you will definitely have a established location not just a store located on a street. It is advisable not to buy computer components from the street side shops, those type of sellers are more or less a fly by night shops. Such vendors attracts more buyer because of low prices. In the Philippines you will find place called Recto wherein you can find and buy anything from clothes, pets, electronic stuffs etc. Some of them are legit vendors but some of them are illegal sellers.

It is also wise to ask the seller why the computer is for sale. if you are satisfied you can go ahead on buying the computer, else move on find another seller. You can also find out if the seller is genuine or not through his body language, people selling illegal stuffs are showing frenzied movements and will agree even rock bottom price, you will also notice that a decent language, will try to sell in haste, will always be looking around to find out if someone is watching him and will not have an eye contact while selling and so on.

Those kind of illegal sales of used computers happen because of the opportunity to market it at no cost and as a private seller there is no need to provide a VAT receipt, which makes him free of any legal action being taken against him. Hence it is not advised to buy a used computer without a cash receipt provided by the seller.

Although it is always good to buy cheaper products, we have to be wise in choosing and making the purchase.

Happy shopping!