Poor performance?… It’s time to upgrade your Computer

Have you been dealing with poor performance and lots of crashes with your computer? well may be its time for an upgrade. Do not expect your old PC to run new programs or games with high requirements to run smoothly.

If you are considering to buy a new set of computer and if you have a budget, you can buy brand new high spec computer. It is always advisable to buy a brand new computer instead of buying a used computer, one reason is that brand new computers always comes with a warranty period it means that if one of your computer parts fails  within that period  you can just bring it to your seller and they will replace it with a new one.

Choosing between a Laptop or Desktop. If you are a person that is always on the go then laptop is best for you because of its small size and portability. You can get a hand on a brand new laptop with good specs if you have a budget of Php 40,000+ ($800.00+). but there are available second hand laptops that you can purchase for only Php 20 to 25,000.00 ($400.00). I don’t recommend buying laptops lower than Php 20,000.00 because it will give  you more problems than your old computer. Upgradeability and few serviceable parts are laptops disadvantages but you can still squeeze a little bit of better performance out of them by adding new RAM or a larger battery. Read this tips if you are planning to buy a used computer.

Desktops on the other hand are more cheaper, you can buy a high specs desktop for Php 20 to 25,000 (core2 duo, 256mb video card, 120gb hard disk, 2gb ram). Desktops are more upgradeable and much more durable than laptops. Choosing between the two will depend on your needs and your budget. Read this tips in buying a computer.

Mac or PC? when it comes to upgrades Macintosh computers have a few limitations. That’s because their parts are less generic than PCs, and they often discourage user servicing. Although there are number of parts that you can replace with Mac it is not as many as PC. You can do a lot of things with PC computers because of it’s generic parts that you can easily on any computer store. You can customized your PC to whatever you desire. If you’re doing something more complicated than installing RAM or a user serviceable card, you’re better off taking your Mac in for service. The same goes if you have a PC with a warranty that specifies that you’re not allowed to open the computer case.

Upgrading a  Memory is the easiest and most common upgrade you can do on your own, having a large memory can really make your computer run memory intensive programs much more quickly. When you are upgrading your memory make sure that you find the right type and check if your computer can handle the additional memory. Some older machines will have a low upper limit on the amount of memory you can put in them. Without a complete overhaul, it’s not possible to exceed this. Find out what type and speed of memory you’ll need. Make sure that you know what type of socket your motherboard have, newer ram chip will not fit into your older computer because their slots are not compatible. Most computers can be upgraded to at least 1 Gb of memory, and many can handle up to four. Laptops require different memory than desktop machines, so make sure you buy the right thing!

Another easy upgrade is the graphics card.  But just like memory video cards also have different slots. Old computers may not have graphics ports that are compatible with newer cards. If you are not sure on what to buy you cansure search online about your card and your old computer, call the company which made you old computer or you can seek advice on computer experts. If you are gamer upgrading video cards can definitely speed up your game, it will also reduce lag and will make your look a lot better.

The storage space or the hard disk are also one of the parts of computer that are easy to upgrade. You can replace your hard disk or you can jsut a just a secondary hard disk to give you more space. This is particularly useful if you’re storing a lot of big files, such as videos, games and lots of musics. An overly full hard drive can also cause slowdowns and poor performance so a hard drive with lots of space can help improve the performance of your computer.