Prevent your PC from crashing

A friend of mine ask me “why my PC still receives problems even if I have tools to prevent errors? ” I ask him “what are the things you did before you got those errors?” he said “I just remove some files and programs that seems not to be important”. Well… thats the big problem, you see one of the usual causes of PC errors are deleting files that we recall or assume that are not important, we often tend to quickly erase it. What we don’t realize is that those actions that seems to be harmless can cause us big headaches and errors further down the line. Those actions can result on broken file paths, missing extensions, and interruption in our operating system.

Are my tools not useful? no they are not, you just have to perform additional safety precautions to prevent your PC from crashing alongside with using your PC tools. Removing unwanted files and programs isn’t easy as installing it, before you remove anything keep in mind of the following:

  • When you uninstall a program the best way to do it is to use Control Panel’s Add/Remove Program list.
  • Always double check the program before you choose to remove it. At times, several programs are checked as a default. You wouldn’t want to delete your anti-virus software or anything like that.
  • If you’re prompted to delete a “shared file” don’t delete it! This will help prevent future error messages, in case you remove a file another software program relies on.
  • If the the program is not listed under ‘Add/Remove,’ the safe way to do it is to go to programs and look for the specific software folder. most of them has a folder called “manual Uninstall” which will help you remove the program.
  • Don’t just delete programs that you don’t recognize. It may have a strange name but chances are, it’s meant to be there. search or consult someone who knows PC.

One good advice is to utilize your PC with a good registry cleaner, find a cleaner that not only removes broken file paths but finds and repairs what is causing the malfunction.