Protecting your account – Choosing the best Password

internet passwordThe Internet has really come a long way and it changed the ways things are done. Transactions such as payments for purchases, banking, transferring of files and other documents, and checking for messages  are done online. As the internet technology advances so are the number of thieves adopting to the newest technology and developing their techniques to crack down sensitive info such as password. Most of the time, the account owner is the one to blame for his hacked password because he is not taking the necessary  safety precautions to protect his account and his password are not strong enough to safeguard their account against hackers.

Choosing the best and strong password is always the best way of securing your account against hackers. Here are some tips to safeguard your passwords and withstand any crack attempt on your account.

  • Don’t use a password that is in the dictionary, even the foreign ones. There are lots of softwares for cracking  passwords and it can be done in seconds that also means taht your account can be gone in 60 seconds or less.
  • Don’t use passwords that are associated with your maiden name, the place of  yourbirth, your Social Security number, your children’s names, and phone numbers.  It is a good idea  to mix upper case and lower case characters and other allowed symbols like “hPld78j4”  in creating your password.  This will be hard to crack and will it take a long time before a long time for a hacker to guess your password and will most likely to leave and go to his next target. Make sure that the password you use is easy to remember, associate it with any easy to remember words, dates, name or place.
  • Keep any  record of your  password offline. You can save your passwords to a CD or Flashdrive or any portable device.  But placing your password record into a cd or any storage or portable device doesn’t mean your password is safe, record your password but don’t write all the characters, encrypt some of the characters for example your password is “SaFety125” write in this in this way “S*F***1*5” so just in case you lost your device where your password is located people will not be able to use it to hack your account.
  • Don’t use password on all your accounts. As much as possible use different password for every account.
  • Don’t use passwords that are commonly use like “123456789”
  • You can use  a password generating and auto-filling software. This will prevent  keyloggers from getting your password.

Your password is  the secret key to your secured internet/computer account. Make sure that your key can really secure your account.