Quality Laptop Parts: Giving Your Laptop a new Lease of Life

Laptops are small computers intended for mobile use. They are structured in such a way that they consume less power. Laptops have various features or parts which make them to function efficiently. Some of the most important laptops parts include laptop batteries and keyboard. These features have various benefits as far as lap top use is concerned.

laptop battery

For any laptop to function efficiently, it must have high quality laptop batteries that have long life. Normal laptops have batteries life of about 5 to 6 hours. Larger desktop laptops can only last about 3 hours. On the other hand, the longest laptop batteries life on ultraportable models runs for about seven hours. However, there are different types of laptop batteries which are used. The most common one are Nickel Cadmium batteries. These are easily recharged, high output and affordable. Other types of laptop batteries are Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium Ion. Nickel Metal Hydride laptop batteries were very effective with older model laptops. They have higher output than Nickel Cadmium batteries. They were easily produced and used safely. Recently, lithium ion laptop batteries are used in most modern laptops. They are lighter compared to the other types of batteries. Although they are more expensive than Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride, they have high battery life hence lasts longer.

laptop keyboard

Another important feature in laptops is the keyboard. Different sizes of laptops have dissimilar keyboards. A standard keyboard has keys that range between 50 and 90. It has a number pad layout that is accessible through combination of keys. Standard keyboard typing is similar to desktop keyboard typing. Smaller laptops usually use compact keyboards. Due to an increase in the number of notebooks and other minute and light laptops, a standard keyboard is ideal for such devices. Compact keyboards have keys that range between 78-80% of standard size for nine inches and smaller notebooks. Most people prefer using desktop replacement keyboard .Laptops generally have bigger screens hence more outlay of the keys. The keyboards themselves use full-sized keys which are laid out precisely like desktop keyboards, together with separate number pads. 108- Keyboards are the best options for typing for those who find problems typing on standard ones.

Besides the laptops parts mentioned above, there are other important features that enable the laptop to function efficiently. For instance, the central processing unit is the chief brain the computer and controls all laptop operations. Other important laptops parts are Rams. They stores information when the laptops are in use. Hard disk drives provide sufficient memory that is used for long-term storage of information. Units of measurement are known as gigabytes (GB). Laptops parts known as hard disk drives are used for storing operating systems and programs. Other laptops have build-in DVD, CD or Blu-Ray drives. DVD burners are used to make personal videos. They also help to back up larger information amount. DVDs hold more data compared to CDs. Other laptops parts include Solid state drives, HDMI output, USB, Memory cards, Gigabit and Wi-fi Ethernet.

Although laptops are small devises, they have very many advantages to the users. For instance, they facilitate easy access to information, saves on time and have low power requirement. Laptops parts work in co-ordination to produce required results.