Quick Shutdown

Ever want a quicker way to shutdown your computer without navigating through the start menu, or using a third party shutdown utility Here is a quick trick to do that.

Right click the desktop and choose New Shortcut. Copy and paste this script or type it in.

%windir%System32shutdown.exe -s -t 0

Choose Next and name it whatever you like. I name mine shutdown. Click Finished. Right click and choose properties and pick a Icon for it if you’d like. I use a wall light switch Icon. You can drag your shutdown shortcut into your quicklaunch toolbar for a one click shutdown.

or you can create a batch file to shutdown your computer fast and easy.

open notepad and insert the following codes

shutdown -s -t 0

Save it as shutdown.bat or any file name you want just make sure that the file extension is .bat otherwise it will not work.

-s = will tell your computer to shutdown

-t 0 = disables the counting before it shutdowns the computer.