Reasons Why You Don’t Need Windows Defender

windows-defenderWindows Defender is a antispyware protection software from Microsoft. It also comes with your Vista installation, but why do other people prefer third party antispyware protections? Here are some of the reasons why Microsoft Windows Defender is not good enough to protect your computer against spywares.

  • It’s runs a little slow than it’s counter part spyware protection software. Tested it against other software and it’s beaten hands down. The scanning sometimes took 8 hours to finish.
  • Failed to detect and defend against many spywares. There are individuals and companies that tested Windows defender reliability in detecting spywares but it failed to detect not more than 60% of the junk files.
  • Has problems removing junk files that it detects. When it detects 50 spywares out of 100 only 25 are removed.
  • Does not offer daily updates. Microsoft Windows Defender only provides weekly updates sometimes every two weeks. There are estimately 100+ spywares that spring out everyday, I think we all cannot wait for two weeks before they gives us a signature update.
  • No free reliable help or support available. You are just stuck with it’s Help feature which can’t provide a good solution to the problem. If you require a much more high level of support other than installation and configuration you have to pay Microsoft for the support that they will provide.
  • Too many error messages. For instance it will give you an error message of your definitions not being up to date even if you just update it an hour before.
  • Not that user friendly like it should be.
  • Has missing scanning features and has less options available and unlike any other third party antisypware software. .
  • Has compatibility issues with some certain programs that results to tons of unexpected errors and headaches.

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