REDitor II – Super Amazing NBA 2K12 Roster Editor

If there is one thing that you should know about me other than being computer addict, it is I am a huge fan of basketball-both in real life and PC games. That is why I cant stop myself sharing my latest discovery to my fellow NBA video game players – the REDitor II Roster editor by Vlad Zola Jr.

My interest with basketball started when I was a kid, during which I started joining school leagues or just play with my friends. Then I started playing  NBA computer games in  1998. I even dreamed of being able to play basketball professionally and become one of the NBA Superstar icons known in the NBA history. But then I realized that it was way too big for me.

Even now that I am full grown man, I still play NBA games. I believe I have played every version from NBA live to NBA 2K. I have witnessed all the great improvements from graphics to the movements of players to the capability of editing not just the player but also the team roster, the staff and many more which made it more enjoyable to play. It was a dream come true when the NBA video game released the version that allowed users to create his own player. In my virtual reality, I was able to join NBA and beat Kobe Bryant with my deadly ankle breaking crossover moves, posterize Dwight Howard or even challenge Michael Jordan for the scoring title. The game itself is powerful enough to allow you to do those changes but if you want to do more like editing detailed information, you need more power and tools.

Search online and you will find different free NBA 2K12 roster editor, but for me the one that stand out from the rest, the one that can literally make you a NBA God is the REDitor ll. REDitor ll is a roster editor that allows you to edit game files such as Players, Teams, Colleges, Staff, Arenas, Jerseys, and all the game aspects. REDitor ll works well with the new version NBA 2K12 for PC and XBox 360 as well as with the older version NBA 2K11 (PC and XBox 360) and NBA 2K10 (PC).

You can have REDitor ll for as low as $6 up to $20 depending on features and licenses. But if you just want to try it out, you can opt for Free NBA 2K12 roster editor edition. Different types of licenses are being offered depending on your preferences. REDitor ll offers Free edition, Player, Developer and Guru. Whatever your choice may be, it will surely make you feel one of NBA Gods (on a different level of power of course)

REDitor II also offers two interfaces that can help you edit much better. The MyFriend Interfaces and Modder’s Interfaces.

The MyFriend Interfaces is the brand new system, which provides you with special input controls to make the routine editing process easy as pie. Now you don’t need to use tutorials: just open MyFriend Panel and get all the tips, hints and values descriptions exactly in front of your eyes.

The Modder’s Interfaces is the ultimate solution for those, who spend much time, working on rosters. Advanced filtering system, Global Editor and ability to open multiple files at once will drastically reduce time, you spend on creating rosters for Total Conversion mods. While Auto BackUp option will assure, you won’t lost your progress by an unwanted mishap. The difference in the features between free and commercial version of REDitor ll can be found here.

free nba 2k12 roster editor

And this year, NBA game has become even better. Its overall feature has become more realistic and exciting.  What more, REDitor made playing even more challenging and personal. Want to make MJ’s stats even bigger, or make your own special schedule of your custom league of Greatest? Want to make Rodman more loyal, or make the modern Magic team a tight jerseys and retro shorts? With REDitor NBA 2K12 PC Tables, its all possible.

REDitor will make your every NBA game dreams come true!

Hurry up and get this super amazing roster editor tool for NBA 2k12!

Get your free NBA 2k12 roster editor here or buy a license for a more amazing experience – Download REDitor II