Should You Upgrade To Windows 8?

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Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest and arguably greatest operating system (OS). The software giant went in a radically new direction with its software and designed a truly unique platform. However, some Windows fans don’t seem to be ready to make the jump. Avast, a digital security firm, found in a survey that 70 percent of respondents said they were planning on sticking with their current PC and OS.

Part of the resistance to Windows 8 may be its unfamiliar features. Unlike Windows 7, XP and Vista, the new OS features a tiled start screen, apps, and touchscreen controls. It doesn’t have a Start button. Consider the following benefits of upgrading to Windows 8 if you’re currently on the fence about upgrading.

Enhanced security

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Digital privacy is on almost every consumer’s mind, and Microsoft’s new software features some of the best security measures on the market. Unlike previous Windows systems, Windows 8 comes with Windows Defender, a protective program that blocks malicious codes and viruses. The application performs regular scans and notifies users of potentially harmful programs. Additionally, Internet Explorer 10 has been optimized for security. PC Magazine reported that the web browser is more secure than Safari and Google Chrome.

There’s an app for that

Windows 8 users have access to the Windows Store, which features thousands of useful apps. There are programs for video conferencing, social networking and video streaming. All of the apps can be controlled with mouse clicks, keyboard commands and multi-touch gestures.

In the cloud

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Cloud storage is becoming an increasingly popular option for consumers who are concerned about losing all of their data. Windows 8 makes backing up important files easy with SkyDrive integration.

You can specify which folders are stored in Microsoft’s cloud so that you don’t have to save a document multiple times. There are also options for sharing data with other users through a secure network.

New options

Windows 7 can upgrade to the new OS, but it may be a better decision to buy a device built specially for the software. Convertible laptops provide all the functionality of a PC with the convenience of a tablet. Mobile devices are optimized to take advantage of new Windows 8 interfaces that are based on the Windows Phone.

You can shop for the best deals on Windows 8 software from online retailers like Newegg or Amazon. So what do you think about Windows 8? Are you going to be making the leap?

Summary: Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest and arguably greatest operating system (OS).

About the author: Courtney L is a techie who enjoys spending her free time writing on the latest technological trends. She recently upgraded to the latest Windows 8, and since has found many upsides to the new software like enhanced user interface, downloadable applications, and easy-to-use features.