Show Your Feelings with Facebook Emoticons

Cool Facebook Emoticons

Many times the best way to talk to someone on Facebook chat is with emoticons. With facebook emoticons you get to say so many words without saying them at all. There are dozens of free emoticons for Facebook that you can use for various situations.


To let the responder know that you are in a good mood, or are happy for them, or that you are pleased with what you heard or read, or to show gratitude. Try the smiling face, grin or wink.

  • Smile – :] =) 🙂 🙂
  • Grin: 😀 😀 =D
  • Wink: 😉 😉


Love is of course, represented by a heart symbol. Another one is the kiss. You could also use the tongue for a lover or sexual partner, or just someone you are flirting with (of course they must be okay with it too).

  • Heart: <3
  • Tongue: 😛 😛 =P
  • Kiss: :-* :*


If someone pays you a compliment, you can show off with the sunglasses as if saying, “Yes, I’m cool!” If you receive praise for brains, try the eyeglasses smiley. Going to eat the competition?  Try the shark.

  • Sunglasses: B-| B| 8-| 8|
  • Eyeglasses: B-) B) 😎 8)
  • Shark: (^^^)

Anger or Unhappiness

A variety of emoticons can be used to convey sadness, anger or other negative feeling. You would be surprised how effective it is at showing feelings after you have been using them for a while. Choose from angry, frowning, crying, upset, confused or skeptical.

  • Angry / grumpy: >:( >:-(
  • Frown: :[ =( 🙁 🙁
  • Tears: :'(
  • Upset: >:o >:-o >:O >:-O
  • Confused: o.O O.o
  • Skeptical: :/ :\ :-\ :-/

How to use Facebook emoticons

You can use smileys on Facebook whenever you are chatting with another user. To use them, click a user’s name (they must be online) to open a chat box. Type the emoticon and send the message. The characters will translate into their equivalent smiley faces.