Skype Users Have Options During Service Outages

The most popular means of vocal communications in the world today is Skype.  There are more than 350 million users registered with Skype, so when that communications network has problems, so do millions of consumers.

What is Skype?

Skype is a pioneer in the field of voice communications that use the internet.  It has made it possible for people around the world to call each other and not worry about long distance fees or other charges.  As long as you have your internet connection and the Skype software, you can call anyone who also has Skype service, talk as long as you want, and not pay anything.  The service can also be used to call non-Skype users, but there is a fee for those calls.

Problems Presented by a Skype Service Outage

On Wednesday, December, 22, 2010, Skype’s system suffered a major outage.  The ‘supermode’ computers used by Skype were affected by a software problem and millions of users were unable to use the service.  The company has worked vigilantly to restore service and is investigating upgrades to prevent such problems in the future, but what can Skype users do when they are faced with this situation?

Alternatives for Skype Users

Even though some people may not find it quite as sophisticated, chat rooms still present a viable alternative to Skype calls.  You can accomplish many of the same goals in numerous chat rooms as you can with a VoIP call.  Many chat rooms allow you to use web cams and microphones; so really, it is not all that different.

When you plan on placing a Skype call to another Skype user, they also have to be online to receive the call.  It’s no different when you want to chat with someone in a chat room.  You can still enjoy the benefit of spending unlimited time with the person or persons you are speaking with and not pay anymore extra charges for the convenience.

In some 3D chat rooms, you may find that instead of using web cams, it can be even more fun to create an avatar to represent your online presence and join your friends in one of the rooms designed for entertainment.  Instead of just talking, your avatars can virtually interact together, dancing, playing games, or even sharing embraces.  It’s a great way to bring another dimension to your communications.

So if Skype goes down again, or even if it doesn’t, why not try a fun, entertaining chat room to enhance your conversations?