Swype Texting – Cell Phone Texting Is About To Change

Swype Texting

Swype TextingThe best part the new cell phone technology today is the fact that it continues to evolve. The best example of this is swype texting which is technology designed especially for people who like to text a lot. You should know that if you are not as good as texting you can still use swype texting to improve your speed at texting. This is the magic of swype texting: it helps people improve their texting abilities even if they were really bad at texting from the beginning.

You would not believe it how interested are people about swype texting. The answer to their questions about this texting program can only be given if they know a thing or two about the simpler texting programs like the ones used by keyboard cell phones. You might find it quite interesting to know that those programs help you do something called predictive texting. If you will use them, they will literally predict what word you will want to use from the letters you have already used for that specific word. All you have to do afterwards is simple select the correct word from a list.

The first thing you have to know about swype texting is the fact that it is not that different from other text helping software but this one is using really high end technology. Use your finger to type by sliding it on the touch screen. This will get the software recognize that certain movement and get you the word you wanted to type before getting to even touch the wanted letters.

The best thing about swype texting is that it helps people like me, who are not as good as typing, do it a lot faster, 30% faster than the most advanced predictive texting program. I might be better now but I will never be able to beat at texting a 13 year old kid.

The smart phones today are really popular because of the cell phone tracker applications they can use but now people will be drawn to them because of swype texting too.