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How to Easily Change Your Windows 7 Start Menu Orb

Here is a cool app that will let you change and personalized your Windows Start Menu Orb. This is a great way if you want to get a away from the usual Windows 7 Orb. Before you do any customization, it is very important that you first create a system restore point. You can do this by typing “System Restore” ... Read More »

How To Get a Detailed Power Efficiency Report

Do you have a laptop and you want to get more battery life out of it? Do you know that Windows 7 has hidden tool that can examine your laptop’s energy and will provide recommendation on how you can improve it. Well, now you know. Just follow the steps below to get your Power Efficiency Report. Click on Start Menu ... Read More »

How to Remove Windows XP/Vista Focus Rectangle

Have you notice the dotted rectangle your around your icon or made a file selection. This dotted line is better known as focus rectangle. I know what you’re thinking–there’s nothing we can do to remove it. It seems that XP and Vista were born with it. But just like how doctors manage to separate a Siamese  twin, there is a ... Read More »

How to Enable the Hidden Windows Vista Administrator

Want to access your programs without the need to turn off the annoying UAC dialog box? In Vista there is a hidden administrator account which is disabled by default. What is the advantages of using this account? well with this account you can access any programs without suffering  from the annoying UAC dialog box. The hidden or the built-in administrator ... Read More »

How to Protect yourself against Conficker Worm

Conficker is a popular type of worm that spreads and infects other computers through network. This virus inflicts damage on vulnerable Windows system. If it successfully infiltrates your computers it will first try to attack the vulnerability in the Microsoft Server Service. This virus will also attempt to brute force admin password so it can easily and rapidly spread itself ... Read More »

How to run incompatible programs in Vista

The problem that we always have to face when we upgrade our operating system is the incompatibility of some programs especially old programs running on the new system. Just like in Windows XP when it’s first release, there are  lots of applications that are incompatible with the new system. The problem is still the same in Vista, there are still ... Read More »