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How Computer Virus Spreads Like Crazy

The most common ways that viruses spread are through email attachments, boot infections and program infectors. But aside from the given, there are some more ways by which viruses spread. Computer Virus through disks USB, Zip, CD’s, tapes, etc. are the usual sources of virus spread from one computer to another. When you use disks to copy files from an ... Read More »

Why you have a slow Internet

It doesn’t matter what kind of Internet you have or how much you are  paying for the speed of your internet.  You might be using the slow as a turtle dial-up or the average DSL  and cable.  Surely, there would be times that your internet speed will slow down to an almost frustrating and laughable amount. This article aims to ... Read More »

How to remove SCVHOST.exe (W32/YahLover.Worm.gen or Win32/Autorun.R.worm)

This type of worm hides itself as SCVHOST.EXE or SCVHOSTS.EXE so it will look like the legitimate Windows program SVCHOST.EXE. This type of virus usually spread through Yahoo Messenger. This virus is also known as W32/YahLover.Worm.gen and Win32/Autorun.R.worm. One way to avoid infection from this virus is to ignore any invites from unknown friends. This virus/worm installs itself in autorun.inf ... Read More »