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Backup Files Online – Seven Crucial Things To Look Out For

backup files online

If you are looking for companies that offer backup option for your files online, here are some tips to consider: 1. Space The amount of storage space they offer is something you should know. There are some companies offering unlimited space while others will charge you if you go beyond the limits. Some offers are good for several computers while ... Read More »

Computer Backup Programs – Online And Local Systems

Online Computer Backup Programs Computer backup programs can be broadly categorized into local solutions (for burning CDs or synchronizing data from a laptop to an external disk) and web-based solutions (for uploading files to backup servers). Here I’ll show you how both of these approaches compare to each other. The easiest backup utility which most PC owners will be able ... Read More »

Backup solution – How to change the location of My Documents folder

Take it from me loosing your important files such as your saved documents, pictures, and other data could be the worst thing that could happen to your computer life. Way back in college I experienced loosing all my saved documents that includes my projects that has to be passed two days after the tragedy, I don’t have a backup so ... Read More »

What is Hiberfil.sys? – Removing hiberfil.sys

If you are a Windows XP user, then more likely you already experienced this, if not… then at least you know what to do. Its like one day, while searching a file or cleaning the hard disk, you will find a huge file, approximately 250 MB to over 1GB and  you don’t know who on earth save that to your ... Read More »