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Don’t be a victim! – How to avoid being Phished

Nowadays, internet technology made it to the point that it is easily accessible by everyone. I myself access some of my important accounts through internet… like banking, paying bills, communication with my loved ones here and abroad. Though generally, it made our lives easy and account accessible anywhere, we can’t deny that thieves, hackers and criminals found another way to ... Read More »

Email – The common route for viruses and frauds

In this modern world e-mail has become an important mode of communication. However, email has also become the most common route for viruses, spywares and frauds. It is necessary for all of us to protect ourselves from those kind of threats.

Viruses and other malicous programs

Viruses usually comes in a form of email attachments so be very careful when opening any attachment especially from an unknown sender. or it might be a good idea to ignore and just delete the attachment if you are unsure of it's content. Some viruses infiltrate and spread their infection through your address book and also send infected e-mail to everyone listed so always be careful opening mail attachments even from a known source. The best thing you should do is to communicate to the sender of the attachment.

Protect yourselves by using a virus protection that automatically scans email attachments as it arrives at your computer. It is very essential for every computers connected to the internet to have a strong and updated protection.

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How to deal with those annoying Chain Mails

As a computer and internet users, I bet all of us here are aware of chain mails that is usually receive through emails and account such as Friendster, Myspace and Facebook. Email undoubtedly become an indispensable medium of communication here and around the world. And turn out to be the most effective communication in internet. I come across some emails ... Read More »