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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Optical Mouse

Why you should use optical mouse? Do you think old ball mouse is still better than the optical computer mouse? I already gave you the information of the origin of the computer mouse but in this post, I will give you reasons why you should use optical computer mouse and the advantage it has against the old school ball mouse. ... Read More »

Computer Trivia #5: The Origin of Computer Mouse

Do you know that the computer mouse you are actually using now was called “mouse” because  of the cord? The computer mouse was invented by an American inventor named Douglas Carl Engelbart. The idea of the mouse started with his thoughts of finding way for people to interact with the computer screen. According to him, their team’s early ideas are ... Read More »

10 Coolest Computer Mouse

Looking for the best holiday gift or just want to replace your old and boring computer mouse? Well, here some of the coolest mouse on earth and they are actually available for us to enjoy. Unless you own a touchscreen computer computer mouse is one of important tool you will need to go on with your cyber life. Source Read More »