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Creating Your First Web Site

You bought your hosting account, domain name and you have an idea. So, now that it’s time to start your website, you might be wondering how you actually go about doing it. Do you have to start scarfing down textbook after textbook of HTML, PHP and CSS knowledge? While this could be helpful if you really want to do everything ... Read More »

How To Show Recycle Bin On Windows 7 Windows Explorer

I’ve been using Windows 7 for months now when I realized that the Recycle Bin that is usually present on Windows Explorer on previous of Windows is missing. I just found out about this when a friend ask about on how he can reveal the recycle bin on windows explorer, when he asked that I started experimenting, I found out ... Read More »

How To Take Control of UAC

Even though UAC or User Account Control pop-ups has good intention of helping you make your computer secure it is one of the most annoying addition on Vista. In Windows 7 it becomes more tolerable it displayed less warnings, but what I like is that you can also fine-tune its notification to give you a more comfortable Windows 7 life. ... Read More »

How to Turn Windows Features on or off in Windows 7

Some Applications have been removed on Windows, they became an optional download. But other applications such as IE8, Media Player, Media Center and DVD Maker are still included. Before, applications are tied into Windows OS especially with Internet Explorer. In previous versions of windows removing those unwanted apps is a pain because you need to uninstall it completely from your ... Read More »

How to Display Hidden Files and Folders

This tip is for beginners only and for people that don’t know about this tip. I’ve been ask a lot of times on how they can see files or folders that are hidden. So here is a  quick tip on to show those windows hidden files. By default, windows hides important files to keep them from deleted or modified. Remember ... Read More »

What is Downloading, Uploading, Installing and Uninstalling

Downloading, Uploading, Installing and Uninstalling are the most popular and most used word in the computer and cyber world. I know that most of us especially tech geeks and even intermediate users know the meaning of those terms. But there are users that are still confuse on many of the computer terms especially on those 4 terms. To enlighten the ... Read More »

How to Disable Internet Explorer

Are you tired of using Internet Explorer? There are lots of reasons why you may want to disable Internet Explorer from your computer. Alternative browser specifically Mozilla are much faster, provides better security and has lots of great features such as addons and themes available that Internet Explorer users are dreaming to have. The easiest way to disable Internet Explorer ... Read More »

How to Remove Shutdown Button on Logon Screen

Having the shutdown button displayed on your Windows XP logon screen can be very inconvenient at times. Your kids or any people that are sharing your computer can accidentally turn off your computer and close all you programs. To prevent this from happening you can just easily disable the “Turn off computer” button. You can do this in two ways. ... Read More »

How to Fix Slow File Transfer in Windows Vista

Do you notice that when transferring files on Vista were much slower especially when moving from Windows XP to Vista.  Well, if you still have your old XP operating system installed you can just boot to  XP and transfer your files using XP. But that would not be very convenient, right? I have here a very simple solution to fix ... Read More »

How to send messages using command prompt

Do you want to chat or just send a private message to your friend, family member or office mates without using any fancy program? Back in college me and my friends uses this trick to talk inside the classroom because we were not allowed to download or use any messenger services. A lot of this kind of tutorial are not ... Read More »