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Common Hard Drive Problems

The most common problems originate from corruption of the master boot record, FAT, or directory. Those are soft problems which can usually be taken care of with a combination of tools like Fdisk /mbr to refresh the master boot record followed by a reboot and Norton disk doctor or Spinneret. The most common hardware problems are a bad controller, a ... Read More »

How to Defrag Multiple Hard Drives at once in Windows XP

Defragging your computer is one of the way’s to optimize the performance of your computer but it will consume a lot of time and very inconvenient if you are going to defrag two or three hard drives at once. Windows XP has a Disk Defragment utility but unfortunately it doesn’t allow you to defrag multiple disk at the same time. ... Read More »

Meet the newest defragging software

You might think and say that I’m just gonna review and recommend another usual type of defragging software, but guess what I’m gonna introduce a new different type of defragging software. But before I continue to describe this fascinating software let me first explain what is Defragmentation and how it can help optimize your computer’s performance and reliability. Defragmentation is ... Read More »