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Common Hard Drive Problems

The most common problems originate from corruption of the master boot record, FAT, or directory. Those are soft problems which can usually be taken care of with a combination of tools like Fdisk /mbr to refresh the master boot record followed by a reboot and Norton disk doctor or Spinneret. The most common hardware problems are a bad controller, a ... Read More »

What Computer Forensics Experts Can Find

Most people think that when a certain file or files are deleted it is permanently removed from your computer. Files still remains on your disk and still recoverable even if it’s deleted, formatted or damaged so when there are files needed let’s say as a part of a investigation a computer forensic analyst got the knowledge and the necessary tools ... Read More »

How to Disable deletion of Recyle Bin in Vista

Another Vista problem has been dropped into my mail. In the previous version of Windows it is not possible to delete the recycle bin by just a simple right click and delete. Microsoft change this in Vista you can simply delete the recycle bin in just exactly two clicks. unfortunately this gave more problems because some users accidentally remove their ... Read More »