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Why Desktop Is Better Than Laptop

desktop better than laptop

Desktop is better than laptop. Do you agree? If you’ve been reading my blog, most probably you have read my article 3 Reasons why you should choose laptop over desktop. To be fair, in this post I will tell you reasons why desktop is better than laptop. Why desktop is better than laptop? It will always be the question especially if ... Read More »

Tips for Buying a Laptop

Over the past years we’ve seen how laptop’s has improved, it’s no wonder that so many people are considering buying a laptop, or have already done so because of laptop advantages over desktop computers. Before you purchase a laptop there are several things to keep in mind  as there is more variety available when it comes to laptops than there ... Read More »

A Tool to Easily Manage Your Desktop Items

In my opinion and I think the majority of computer users will agree that the Windows desktop is one of the most visited and used place when you are using a windows based computer. Most applications that I frequently opens are located on my desktop even downloaded files are fighting for space on my desktop. If you place lots of ... Read More »

How To Change Your Computer Name in Vista

My friend just bought a HP desktop pre-installed with Windows Vista operating system. He ask me if he can change his annoying computer name from “Owner2009” and change it into a more descriptive and personalize like “slavezero” for example. I named my desktop “sLaVeZeRo” and  other units workstations. Changing names in XP is very easy, but in Vista it is ... Read More »

How To Create A Textless Desktop Icon

I always love the idea of having a textless icon on my desktop. It just makes your desktop icon more cool just like what you see on the Dock in Apple’s Mac OSX. Having a textless icon will also make your desktop icons stand out. With a simple renaming trick you can do this effect on your Vista or XP ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why you should Choose Laptop over Desktop

When decided to buy a computer, You only have two options: You can either get a regular desktop or you can opt to choose a laptop. Desktop PC’s, because of it’s size can accommodate more components. Normally, desktop machines are always pack with more computing power than notebook computers. In addition laptops do not come cheaply. These mini computers are ... Read More »

How to remove the background color of XP Desktop Icon

In case you are wondering why your Windows XP Desktop Icons have a background, here is a quick guide to restore your transparent background of your XP Dekstop Icons. To set the transparent background of your desktop icons, you’ll need to open System Properties in Control Panel or right-click  My Computer and select Properties. On the System Properties dialog box, ... Read More »