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How CD’s Are Made

how cd are made

Who among you doesn’t know what a CD is? I bet all of us know what a CD is. CD is a short term for Compact Disc and is used in storing digital data. Digital data can be music, pictures, or even movies. CD has become an important part of our digital world, and some of you may actually wonder ... Read More »

Prevention is Better than Cure – Ways to Backup your Data

Have you experience losing all your data due to viruses and other deadly programs attack or malfunction device and saying that "I should have backup all my data". Losing data is one of the worst nightmare of any computer users like loosing saved pictures, copies of programs, movies, games and documents or worst having to lost business data, financial and legal information without any way of recovering. If you are one those people then may be its too late to recover all your hard work files and data but it is not too late to prevent it from happening again. BACKUP your all your data that is best way to save you from an unimaginable major disaster of losing important data.

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CD/DVD ROM Repair Flowchart

Your CD/DVD stuck in the tray and your tray won’t eject? That is possibly the biggest headache you will ever experience with your CD or DVD rom drive because this problem can also cause damage on your favorite CD or DVD. Another problem is your CD/DVD ROM can’t read any disk. There are certain things that may have cause this ... Read More »