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How To Change Your CMOS Battery

Do you know how a tiny piece of battery that normally cost a few dollars can bring your high-tech PC screeching to a halt?  this battery is called CMOS or complementary metal-oxide semiconductor. CMOS is just a little battery located on your motherboard, but this is not your ordinary battery that you can find powering your handheld calculators. The first ... Read More »

What Computer Forensics Experts Can Find

Most people think that when a certain file or files are deleted it is permanently removed from your computer. Files still remains on your disk and still recoverable even if it’s deleted, formatted or damaged so when there are files needed let’s say as a part of a investigation a computer forensic analyst got the knowledge and the necessary tools ... Read More »

How to Delete undeletable file

Are you having a problem deleting a certain file? a lot of us PC users sometimes face this kind of PC problem. Sometimes we just let the “undeletable file” inside our pc but after you’ve read and understand the process on how to delete “Undeletable file” then it will not be a problem anymore. here are the steps to help ... Read More »