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How To fix Gmail Unable to Change View to Cozy or Comfortable Display Density

I am not sure if any of you experienced being stuck in Gmail Compact mode, but if you have reached this post via searched, most probably you did. This problem is known as Gmail Display Density Problem. It may sound scary and you may question yourself, is your Gmail being hacked or did you do anything with you settings? (Ok, ... Read More »

How To Search Emails In Gmail Easily

How long have you been using your gmail? If you’re using it for years, then most probably, you have the same dilemma as most of gmail users—having trouble finding past emails. This is true and understandable. Imagine that you have received an important file weeks ago, but the problem is you can’t remember the exact date or month you have ... Read More »

How To Run Multiple GTalk

Some people have multiple Google Talk id’s for whatever reason. I myself has 3 Gtalk accounts, one for friends, clients and the other for testing purposes. But of course we cannot open all our accounts simultaneously. Some people do login their Gmail accounts different browser to be able to use their Gtalk all at once, but that certainly is a ... Read More »

Connect and Share your Computer with your Family and Friends

Are you tired of thinking how you can access your files at home while you are in the office? Do you often experience leaving your flash drive at home during the times you need to pass a take home presentation? Now, you can retire from thinking with a secure way to access your files at home even you’re out. You ... Read More »