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What is a Browser?

What is  a browser? Well, that is one of my top 10 most ask question, on top of my list is why is my internet slow. Most people knows how to open websites but little they know what application helps them do all their favorite stuff on the internet. Of course they know Firefox and Internet explorer is all they ... Read More »

How Google Search Works

A lot of people always ask me, especially those who have little to none knowledge on how the internet works specifically on how internet searching works or much more commonly known to most people as Google search, I say it because Google has become a household name when it comes to internet search. When you want to search for something ... Read More »

15 Hilarious Google Autocomplete

In this modern day who else doesn’t know Google? Google has almost become everybody’s best friend. We always turn to Google when we are looking for something, someone or somewhere. Almost everything can be found with the help of Google. One good feature of Google search is that it can help you find what you are looking for is it ... Read More »