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How To Disable and Remove Thumbs.db

disable thumbs db

What is Thumbs.db When you open your Windows Explorer or Open any of your images folder, I’m sure you have notice a small file inside those folders called thumbs.db. The main purpose of this file is to speed up the showing of thumbnails when you are viewing a folder in Thumbnail view. It stores thumbnails of graphics files, certain documents ... Read More »

How to Disable Registry Access in Windows 7

The Registry area is a very dangerous place when you don’t know what you are doing. One bad move can really mess up your system. If you are sharing your computer with your friends or family members and afraid that they might access your registry and mess up your computer pretty bad then you should consider disabling registry access. You ... Read More »

How to Protect the Privacy of your Explorer searches

Most computer users prefer to keep their privacy when they are using their computer, they don’t want other people that they share their computer to see what they are searching. If you share a PC and don’t want others to see what you’ve searched for, you can turn off the recent searches feature: 1. Click on your Start menu Search ... Read More »

How to Search the Internet from the Start Menu

In Windows 7 the Start Menu’s search box are mainly use to search for any files and applications on your PC but did you know that you can also make your Start Menu search box search the internet? Windows 7 has this, follow the steps below to enable this feature. Important note: This tip will not work on Home Premium, ... Read More »

How to Disable or Enable Your Task Manager

Disabling your Task Manager is sometimes necessary, especially if you are sharing your computer to other people or running a computer rental business. This will prevent any unnecessary changes on your system that can possibly harm your computer. There are two ways to disable or enable your task manager. One is by using the Group Policy Editor and second is ... Read More »

How to Disable Windows XP Balloon Notifications

Disabling the balloon notification is different from vista home basic and premium. In Windows XP you don't have to edit your registry settings you can simply turn this off by using Group Policy editor. This is a more safer and easy way than editing your registry. Here are the steps to successfully the feature off.

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