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Protecting Your Online Account

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Nowadays, technology is a part of every aspect of our lives. No matter where you go, a developing country uses an improving technology. We use technology for more than just accessing information. We use it for easy banking, bill paying, filing personal information and sending information to others. It makes our life a lot easier, but at the same time ... Read More »

PCRemiX – Back from the Grave! Part 2

Last April my site has been brought down to exactly 4 days due to hosting issues. Now my site faced another battle  but with a different opponent. Someone hacked PCRemiX! but unfortunately for him/her my precious blog was brought to life again. For the past few months, I’ve been super busy with my work. I didn’t notice that my site ... Read More »

What A Good Browser Should Have

There are lots of available browsers out there. They all offers different features and functionalities. Most of them promises to be more secured and fast. It is now up to us users to determine the good browser against the bad browser. Below are some of the characteristics of a good browser. It must have a reliable security features to protect ... Read More »

Your Computer Is Infected… And You Don’t Know It

Early in the internet days when your computer got infected by some virus it would immediately cause your computer to crash. Scammers today got much more smarter in creating and spreading their viruses and other malicious programs. They now realize that leaving their victim’s computer will be much more better to easily steal any important information from their victims. That ... Read More »

Don’t be a victim! – How to avoid being Phished

Nowadays, internet technology made it to the point that it is easily accessible by everyone. I myself access some of my important accounts through internet… like banking, paying bills, communication with my loved ones here and abroad. Though generally, it made our lives easy and account accessible anywhere, we can’t deny that thieves, hackers and criminals found another way to ... Read More »

How to recover your Hacked Yahoo! Account

January 1, 2009 almost became one of the worst day of my life because my 6 years old Yahoo! account got hacked, All my valuable personal mails, some important files, pictures, membership access, and lots of contacts are in my Yahoo account. The hacker even changed my zip code and deleted and changed my alternate emails so I will not ... Read More »

Have you learned your lesson? – The most dangerous online activities

Most computer users have no idea how dangerous their online activity is but no matter how many times you educate and warn them they still manage to poison their computers with new spywares, malware and other malicious programs because they still didn’t learned their lesson. or just don’t have an idea on how the dangerous the internet could be. Most ... Read More »

Protecting your account – Choosing the best Password

The Internet has really come a long way and it changed the ways things are done. Transactions such as payments for purchases, banking, transferring of files and other documents, and checking for messages  are done online. As the internet technology advances so are the number of thieves adopting to the newest technology and developing their techniques to crack down sensitive ... Read More »