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500 Worst Passwords

I was exploring some cool, funny and interesting pictures on the web, when I stumbled on this “500 worst password” image on Flickr. After reading the list of passwords It made me think because although this is hilarious it is also a serious matter. Some  internet users today usually use some of the passwords that are listed on the image. ... Read More »

What A Good Browser Should Have

There are lots of available browsers out there. They all offers different features and functionalities. Most of them promises to be more secured and fast. It is now up to us users to determine the good browser against the bad browser. Below are some of the characteristics of a good browser. It must have a reliable security features to protect ... Read More »

Have you learned your lesson? – The most dangerous online activities

Most computer users have no idea how dangerous their online activity is but no matter how many times you educate and warn them they still manage to poison their computers with new spywares, malware and other malicious programs because they still didn’t learned their lesson. or just don’t have an idea on how the dangerous the internet could be. Most ... Read More »

How to deal with those annoying Chain Mails

As a computer and internet users, I bet all of us here are aware of chain mails that is usually receive through emails and account such as Friendster, Myspace and Facebook. Email undoubtedly become an indispensable medium of communication here and around the world. And turn out to be the most effective communication in internet. I come across some emails ... Read More »