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Quality Laptop Parts: Giving Your Laptop a new Lease of Life

Laptops are small computers intended for mobile use. They are structured in such a way that they consume less power. Laptops have various features or parts which make them to function efficiently. Some of the most important laptops parts include laptop batteries and keyboard. These features have various benefits as far as lap top use is concerned. For any laptop ... Read More »

Steps on Taking Care of Your Laptop Battery

If you have a new laptop computer with you, it always comes with a manual or an instructional guide. You can read from their instructions on how to use your computer; what to do and what to avoid. But sometimes, people tend to neglect to sift through these important pages. Some of the information is very vital to teaching how ... Read More »

Caring for Your Laptop Battery

The era wherein laptops are only considered as the inferior relatives of the desktop computers is long gone. If in the past, the laptop is only used for processing files, storing small amounts of data or doing simple tasks like viewing photos or doing calculations, now it is starkly different. Laptops are now as powerful as or even more powerful ... Read More »

The Magic of the External Laptop Battery

An external laptop battery can be a hero to most people especially the ones that are working overtime with their laptops. This battery works just like the ordinary one, and they give all new life to your laptops but for just a limited time. There are also USB batteries that can add an extra few hours of power to your ... Read More »

Battery Life Testing for Windows 7

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When Microsoft launched Windows Vista in 2006, the operating system received criticism after being released with numerous software bugs and steep hardware requirements. As a result of increased hardware demands to use the operating system, Windows Vista also became notorious for draining laptop battery power. In an effort to avoid a repeat of the Vista debacle, Microsoft has made claims ... Read More »