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Quality Laptop Parts: Giving Your Laptop a new Lease of Life

Laptops are small computers intended for mobile use. They are structured in such a way that they consume less power. Laptops have various features or parts which make them to function efficiently. Some of the most important laptops parts include laptop batteries and keyboard. These features have various benefits as far as lap top use is concerned. For any laptop ... Read More »

Why Desktop Is Better Than Laptop

desktop better than laptop

Desktop is better than laptop. Do you agree? If you’ve been reading my blog, most probably you have read my article 3 Reasons why you should choose laptop over desktop. To be fair, in this post I will tell you reasons why desktop is better than laptop. Why desktop is better than laptop? It will always be the question especially if ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Owning Refurbished Laptops

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If you are fond of owning the latest and the greatest laptops, then this post is not for you. But if owning a slightly used refurbished laptops are just fine for you, then read on. Why on earth would anyone consider owning a refurbished laptop? I’ll give you 3 main reasons why you should? Price Of course, since its not ... Read More »

3 Things To Consider When Buying Refurbished Laptop

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When you decide to buy a refurbished laptop, either because you want to save some bucks or you don’t have enough budget, there are things you have to consider to ensure that your money isn’t going to waste. Research If you are eyeing for a certain brand or model of laptop, do some research about the product. Try to know ... Read More »

Tips for Buying a Laptop

Over the past years we’ve seen how laptop’s has improved, it’s no wonder that so many people are considering buying a laptop, or have already done so because of laptop advantages over desktop computers. Before you purchase a laptop there are several things to keep in mind  as there is more variety available when it comes to laptops than there ... Read More »

Battery Life Testing for Windows 7

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When Microsoft launched Windows Vista in 2006, the operating system received criticism after being released with numerous software bugs and steep hardware requirements. As a result of increased hardware demands to use the operating system, Windows Vista also became notorious for draining laptop battery power. In an effort to avoid a repeat of the Vista debacle, Microsoft has made claims ... Read More »

How to Increase the Battery Life of your Laptop

Just recently I’ve given 3 good reason why you should choose a laptop over a desktop. I also state that one of the biggest advantage over desktop is the ability to save energy but how can you save energy if your laptop remains a slave to your wall outlet because it cannot last longer than an hour? here are several ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why you should Choose Laptop over Desktop

When decided to buy a computer, You only have two options: You can either get a regular desktop or you can opt to choose a laptop. Desktop PC’s, because of it’s size can accommodate more components. Normally, desktop machines are always pack with more computing power than notebook computers. In addition laptops do not come cheaply. These mini computers are ... Read More »

Backup solution – How to change the location of My Documents folder

Take it from me loosing your important files such as your saved documents, pictures, and other data could be the worst thing that could happen to your computer life. Way back in college I experienced loosing all my saved documents that includes my projects that has to be passed two days after the tragedy, I don’t have a backup so ... Read More »

5 Signs to Know That You are a Computer Addict

Are you also one those those people that can’t live without their computer? do you rely everything on your computer? have you tried to do everything you had to do using computer?. I consider my self one of them. My computer was on every minute, I always checked my mails as often as possible, I tried to do everything on ... Read More »