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CDBurnerXP – The Best Nero Alternative

I’ve been a Nero Burning Software user ever since college. I have never use any burning software aside from Nero until I discovered this free burning software that has almost all the capabilities of the popular Nero. One SUPER BIG ADVANTAGE of CDBurnerXP against Nero is that CDBurnerXP is so lightweight, It consumes less resources than Nero (image below). Other ... Read More »

How To Reduce Firefox Ram Usage

If you are starting to notice that your Firefox is running slow then it is because your Firefox is eating too much ram. Even the best browser is not perfect, but the good thing about Firefox is that you have the luxury to fix some of it’s troubles and tweak it’s settings. Of course, the best way to fix issue ... Read More »

PCRemiX – Back from the Grave!

As you have all notice my site has been suspended and down for 4 days, according to my host it is because of high resources primarily the CPU and RAM usage, they said that my site has gone past their limit on the allotted resources on every account. This type of problem is very common to webmasters with websites hosted ... Read More »

This can save your life! (ICE)

This is a mail I received yesterday, I also thought that this will be a good idea and will be very useful for emergency use. To help spread this life saving idea I forwarded this mail to my friends and relatives and post this on pctechnotes. We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory. ... Read More »

How to Start Windows in Safe Mode

This is a common question of my clients, friends and blog guest to me so I decided to create a guide on how to start windows in safe mode. Many times in order to remove a piece of spyware or for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes, you’ll have to start Windows in Safe Mode. While in Safe Mode, only specific programs ... Read More »

Poor performance?… It’s time to upgrade your Computer

Have you been dealing with poor performance and lots of crashes with your computer? well may be its time for an upgrade. Do not expect your old PC to run new programs or games with high requirements to run smoothly.

If you are considering to buy a new set of computer and if you have a budget, you can buy brand new high spec computer. It is always advisable to buy a brand new computer instead of buying a used computer, one reason is that brand new computers always comes with a warranty period it means that if one of your computer parts fails within that period you can just bring it to your seller and they will replace it with a new one.

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