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How to get Internet Explorer out of Full Screen Mode

This is one of most common question I always receive from family and friends how they can get out of full screen mode in Internet Explorer or other  browser. Full screen mode is when you don’t see anything on your browser but  Full screen Mode is very useful when you are looking or reading the content of your favorite website ... Read More »

What is a Browser?

What is  a browser? Well, that is one of my top 10 most ask question, on top of my list is why is my internet slow. Most people knows how to open websites but little they know what application helps them do all their favorite stuff on the internet. Of course they know Firefox and Internet explorer is all they ... Read More »

How To Show Alexa Ranking in Firefox

Most people say that the quality of Alexa ranking is somewhat useless. For me Alexa  is still somewhat useful, it allows me get a rough idea on how much traffic a certain site gets. Alexa is also preferred by advertisers so I usually watch my Alexa. As you also can see this site is  ranking poorly compared to other computer ... Read More »

Quick Trick: Open Link in New Tab with One Click

This is a simple mouse trick that will let you open any link in new tab with just a single mouse click. This works with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7.  The only requirement is a mouse with a scroll wheel. If you want to open any link in new tab using a single button just click any link using ... Read More »

Very Cool Mozilla Firefox Tricks

Want some very cool Firefox trick? Just enter the codes below on your Firefox address bar and just hit enter. chrome://browser/content/browser.xul – Opens another Firefox inside a tab in the the existing Firefox window. chrome://browser/content/preferences/preferences.xul –  Opens the Options dialog box inside the Firefox tab. chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/bookmarksPanel.xul –  Opens the “Bookmarks Manager” inside a tab in the Firefox window. chrome://browser/content/history/history-panel.xul – ... Read More »

How to change the default download location in Firefox

Several people have recently ask me on how they can change the default download location of Firefox. I know a lot of computer users  know this stuff and this is definitely a no-brainer for most geeks out there but there are still a lot people that needs some assistance regarding this matter so I will provide a quick tip on ... Read More »

How to create a screenshot of an entire Webpage

Question: Is it possible to create an image version of an entire website without having to endure the pain process of screen printing every screen page and then connecting the images together? Answer: Yes. With the use of  Mozilla Firefox addon called Screengrab it is very much possible to create a screenshot of an entire webpage. Screengrab is an extension ... Read More »

How to easily Backup and Restore your Firefox and Thunderbird Profiles

Backing up and restoring Firefox or Thunderbird profiles can be a pain especially for average users. It is not easy as locating and copying the profile from the Firefox profile directory and then copying it to a different computer or any backup media, when you restore it manually just by copying and pasting profile it is not automatically show up ... Read More »

Best Free Antispyware Programs

With the continuous development in E-commerce and online transaction trends, spyware programs are considered to be one of the biggest threat. Because of the rapid growth, different Anti-spyware are made and can already be found all over the internet…users just have to choose between free and with price. Of course we know the difference of free and paid. Basically free ... Read More »

How to automatically save tabs in Firefox

No doubt Firefox is the leading browser today, 47% of my blogs visitors came from Firefox and only about 20% came from Internet Explorer. Personally What I like about Firefox is the ability to tweak its settings and there lots of Themes, Plugins and extensions available that you can add to spice up your Firefox browser. When I browse I ... Read More »