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A Simple Tool to Easily Manage and Fix Common System Errors

Here is a simple tool that can help you easily manage and fix system errors on your Windows 7 machine. Sysfix is simple but powerful that comes with lots of features. It has tools to fix fix network issues by login to router, flush DNS, purge files, rearrange directory etc. I like it’s interface, it’s neat and very easy to ... Read More »

All-time Most Notorious Hackers

While I was browsing on some sites I stumbled on several  sites, and saw their article about the most notorious hackers of our time. The post was very interesting so I decided to share it with all of my readers. They have great minds but they really wasted their talents. They are just a few of those great computer minds ... Read More »

How to Protect your Kids Online using OpenDNS

Back in October 2008, 18 and 19 respectively I wrote up an article on how to  Speed up your web browsing with OpenDNS and How safe is your child from the Internet.  This time a post with the combination of those two articles, how you can protect your precious kids online using OpenDNS technology. We all know that you can’t ... Read More »

Network Connection Repair Flowchart

Are you having problems on your network connection? Can’t see or access other computer on your network? The flowchart below will guide you on how you can troubleshoot your cabled network without the need of calling your favorite technician. Click here fro more detailed explanation Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Dead Network Connection

You wake up one beautiful morning and excitingly opened your computer  and launched your favorite browser to check your mails, adsense income, check your website’s traffic or just want to read the latest news or articles and immediately a horrifying “page cannot be displayed” showed on your screen. Wait there don’t scream yet… just calm down… just follow the instructions ... Read More »