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A Cool Application to Replace Windows Live Messenger

Have you ever wish there is a alternative or a replacement for the bloat Windows Live Messenger? Something that has a more simpler cleaner look, very lightweight and will also let you use your live.com and hotmail.com accounts? Look no further, here is a small but cool and effective application where you can have all that messenger goodness! I share ... Read More »

What A Good Browser Should Have

There are lots of available browsers out there. They all offers different features and functionalities. Most of them promises to be more secured and fast. It is now up to us users to determine the good browser against the bad browser. Below are some of the characteristics of a good browser. It must have a reliable security features to protect ... Read More »

FREE Blog Backup

Are you a blogger? then you know that losing your posts is the ultimate tragedy for a blogger, especially when you dedicate your whole life to your blog, all that hard work and effort gone to waste and it hurts a lot more if you are earning through your blog. Here is a FREE online backup service that will save ... Read More »