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What is a Browser?

What is  a browser? Well, that is one of my top 10 most ask question, on top of my list is why is my internet slow. Most people knows how to open websites but little they know what application helps them do all their favorite stuff on the internet. Of course they know Firefox and Internet explorer is all they ... Read More »

Don’t be a victim! – How to avoid being Phished

Nowadays, internet technology made it to the point that it is easily accessible by everyone. I myself access some of my important accounts through internet… like banking, paying bills, communication with my loved ones here and abroad. Though generally, it made our lives easy and account accessible anywhere, we can’t deny that thieves, hackers and criminals found another way to ... Read More »

Alternative Internet Browsers

Firefox and Internet Explorer are the most used browsers today. but if you are looking for alternative to those two giant browsers you can into the right place. I compiled here a list of browsers you can use aside from Firefox and IE. Windows, Mac & Linux Flock Browser Opera browser Apple – Safari SeaMonkey Windows Only Browsers AcooBrowser Avant ... Read More »