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Awesome New Change in Windows 8

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WINDOWS 8, latest Windows by Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. But somehow for the last couple of months, people don’t seem to be talking about it they are mostly talking about mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. However Windows still accounts for over 65% market share when you compare it to other operating ... Read More »

How Create a System Repair Disk in Windows 7

This tutorial will help create a system repair disk in Windows 7.  You can use The Windows System Repair Disk is a bootable disk for troubleshooting your operating system, if you don’t have or lost your Windows installation disc or can’t access the recovery options provided by your computer manufacturer. The repair disk will provide you access System Restore, Startup ... Read More »

A Great Application To Easily Fix Your Registry

When was the last time you experience using your computer perform at an optimal speed? I guess you miss those times when your computer are still running at light speed. Well, the main reason why your computer is now turtle slow is because you have problems with your registry. The registry is your computer’s Windows system’s heart and soul. It ... Read More »

How To Remove Duplicate or Incorrect Entry on XP Boot Menu

My college friend called me asking for some advice about the computer she inherited from his brother. She said that whenever she boots she is presented with two boot options. She was annoyed that she doesn’t have a choice but to hit the enter key or wait 30 seconds to open Windows. This issue has two ways to resolved one ... Read More »

How To Change Your Computer Name in Vista

My friend just bought a HP desktop pre-installed with Windows Vista operating system. He ask me if he can change his annoying computer name from “Owner2009” and change it into a more descriptive and personalize like “slavezero” for example. I named my desktop “sLaVeZeRo” and  other units workstations. Changing names in XP is very easy, but in Vista it is ... Read More »

Your Computer Is Infected… And You Don’t Know It

Early in the internet days when your computer got infected by some virus it would immediately cause your computer to crash. Scammers today got much more smarter in creating and spreading their viruses and other malicious programs. They now realize that leaving their victim’s computer will be much more better to easily steal any important information from their victims. That ... Read More »

How to Fix Slow File Transfer in Windows Vista

Do you notice that when transferring files on Vista were much slower especially when moving from Windows XP to Vista.  Well, if you still have your old XP operating system installed you can just boot to  XP and transfer your files using XP. But that would not be very convenient, right? I have here a very simple solution to fix ... Read More »

Signs that you might have a Windows Registry problem

While intelligent computer users use registry repair softwares from day one of using their computer, still many users today are still not aware on the importance of registry repair products. If you have not taken any steps to clean your windows registry and you experience at least one of the following indications then this is the time to use a ... Read More »

How to disable PC speaker beeping on errors

Do you get annoyed by the beeps and noises that comes from your PC speaker when your PC encounters an error but can’t find a way to turn it off?, then here are the easy steps to disable it. first step, Open your registry and find the key below. second step, Create a new string value, or modify the existing ... Read More »

How to run incompatible programs in Vista

The problem that we always have to face when we upgrade our operating system is the incompatibility of some programs especially old programs running on the new system. Just like in Windows XP when it’s first release, there are  lots of applications that are incompatible with the new system. The problem is still the same in Vista, there are still ... Read More »