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Fast and Easy Fixes For Computer Driver Errors

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Driver update tools not only help you keep your drivers up to date, but they also assist you in troubleshooting common driver errors with just a few mouse clicks. In fact, using driver maintenance tools is the easiest and most effective way to fix common computer driver errors. Just have a look at the Driver Finder review here to see ... Read More »

How To Change Your Computer Name in Vista

My friend just bought a HP desktop pre-installed with Windows Vista operating system. He ask me if he can change his annoying computer name from “Owner2009” and change it into a more descriptive and personalize like “slavezero” for example. I named my desktop “sLaVeZeRo” and  other units workstations. Changing names in XP is very easy, but in Vista it is ... Read More »

How to Play XP 3D Pinball in Windows Vista

Are you a Vista user who feels like degrading back to Windows XP because some of your favorite Windows XP games like 3D pinball are missing? if you miss the 3D Pinball and if you are really dying to play pinball without degrading to Windows XP… I have here a very simple way that will help Pinball make it through ... Read More »

Why Does My Vista Fonts Looks Awful?

A friend of mine just bought a new laptop pre-installed with Windows Vista . He brought it to my house and ask me “why does my vista fonts looks awful?”, “did the technician installed a pirated Vista on my laptop?”. My answer is ” you have a legitimate Vista on your laptop however, the smooth edges of screen fonts or ... Read More »

How to Fix Slow File Transfer in Windows Vista

Do you notice that when transferring files on Vista were much slower especially when moving from Windows XP to Vista.  Well, if you still have your old XP operating system installed you can just boot to  XP and transfer your files using XP. But that would not be very convenient, right? I have here a very simple solution to fix ... Read More »

How to Enable the Hidden Windows Vista Administrator

Want to access your programs without the need to turn off the annoying UAC dialog box? In Vista there is a hidden administrator account which is disabled by default. What is the advantages of using this account? well with this account you can access any programs without suffering  from the annoying UAC dialog box. The hidden or the built-in administrator ... Read More »

How to Know If You Have a 32bit or 64bit Processor or Operating System

I always encounter this question with my friends and clients “Do I have a 32 bit or a 64 bit processor or operating system on my computer?”. The average users has generally has no idea between the difference of a 64 bit and 32 bit operating system. I will show in the most easy way on how you can find ... Read More »

How to Enable Run Command on Windows Vista

Some of my blog readers and my friends are asking where they could find the run command window on their Vista machine that are visible and can easily access to from Microsoft OS version except for Vista. I told them that it is not necessary because the Vista start menu search has also the same function as run command. The ... Read More »

How to Disable Vista CD/DVD Burning Feature

The huge majority of computer users are using burning software such as Nero or some other free alternative burning tools to handle their CD/DVD burning jobs even though Windows Vista has a built in CD/DVD burning feature. So how can you remove this feature since you are not using it? You can remove this by following this simple registry hack. ... Read More »

How to add Vista Home Directory to the Desktop

The Home directory is one  of the new changes in Windows Vista. Every user has it’s own home directory and are accessible. In XP and 2000, you had a hidden home directory that you weren’t meant to muck around in. New features like the “Downloads Directory” can only be access through your home directory, so it make sense for you ... Read More »