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Starcraft II Released!…Finally!

Wow! finally after years or should I say a decade of waiting the StarCraft is finally available! it is scheduled to be released on July 27, 2010 simultaneously in different countries around the world, including the Philippines. I am a die hard fan of Blizzard games, I hardly believe that they are the best in creating games especially with Action-RPG, ... Read More »

Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton Live Stream

To all boxing and Pacquiao and Hatton fans you can watch their most awaited fight live here. Manny is the hero of the Filipino, a record breaking ZERO crime rate in the Philippines whenever he has a match. The time here in the Philippines will once again stop to support our national pride. Go Pacman! Alternate link 1 Alternate link ... Read More »

Planning to buy used computer?

I myself is a member of different auction sites. Instead of buying brand new, I also consider buying second hand products, which is much cheaper than brand new. And one thing more, after a couple of months, new edition will be out in the market and for sure today’s edition priced will be reduce by half. Beating the latest is ... Read More »

Choosing the right Internet Service Provider

When choosing a ISP (Internet Service Provider) whether it is for personal or business it is always important to take time in conducting a study on various providers of Internet. There are lots of different Internet Service provider that offers different technology, rates and services. You can choose from a DSL, Cable or Wireless. When choosing between Digital Subscriber Line, ... Read More »

PC Repair and Maintenance Advice

Quality In, Performance Out

The quality of replacement components is one of the factor performance after the repair. When it comes to selecting replacement parts, there are hundreds of choices and varieties in quality and price. For example, while most computer-literate people can differentiate hard drives solely by their data-storage capacity, overall computer performance is affected by differences in hard

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How to increase your smartbro internet connection speed

After I posted about on “How to get SmartBRO Canopy IP Address” some people asked on how they can increase their Smartbro speed connection (smartbro is only available in the Philippines). Well here is a guide on how you can increase your internet browsing speed. This guide worked for me when I’m still a Smartbro subscriber (I switch now to ... Read More »