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How to Protect the Privacy of your Explorer searches

Most computer users prefer to keep their privacy when they are using their computer, they don’t want other people that they share their computer to see what they are searching. If you share a PC and don’t want others to see what you’ve searched for, you can turn off the recent searches feature: 1. Click on your Start menu Search ... Read More »

How to Fix Windows Security Reporting Antivirus Programs

My friend recently uninstalled his two previous antivirus (McAfee and Norton). He said that after he completely uninstalled both AV’s, His Windows Security Center still reported that those programs are still installed on his machine. What I did first was to check if there is anything running on the background but could not find any traces of any of the ... Read More »

Parts of a PC and its description

Did you ever get some computer problem that you can’t solve it yourself and have to contact a pc technician? Then after listening to all his explanation, you feel that you’ve been hit by a flying saucer and doesn’t understand  any word he’ve said. Don’t panic… you don’t need to see a doctor… maybe the technician just forget that you  ... Read More »