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Saving Money By Opting For The Right Printer For Your Unique Printing Undertakings

If you frequently print from the internet, then you know there isn’t a charge from the websites for the task or the printouts. In reality however, printouts of any sort costs money. The printing paper as well as the ink cartridge contributes greatly to the said printing costs. For example, don’t get surprised to find a set of black and ... Read More »

Tips on How You Can Save on Your Printer Ink Cartridges

Buying a printer is a one time cost but ink cartridges are needed to be bought on a regular basis. If you consume your ink cartridges wisely you can save lots of ink, will make your cartridge last longer and you will get more value for the money spent. Last year I shared to you an article on how you ... Read More »

How to Keep Your Printers Clean

As we all know, all device requires maintenance.  Some requires more while others less. Printers of any kind, requires the same… and actually it belongs to more type.  One malfunctioning part will cause trouble for the whole performance. Cleaning your printer regularly will save you from headache.  Different printers require different cleaning process.  But there are some process that you ... Read More »

How To Choose The Right Printer

Printers are no different from computers and other technology. Like other technologies they also evolved almost everyday into something bigger and better. Newer versions and models are coming out. There are lots of options available to choose from and that is becoming a problem for it becomes extremely hard to determine the right printer for you and exactly what you ... Read More »